Sunday, October 26, 2008

'The English Teacher' by R.K. NARAYAN.

I got some books from my friend Suma. I was hardly finding time to sit and read at one stretch now. After all, things have changed after I delivered my little one who is six months old now ( proud mother :-)). I read little every day. Sat through last evening and completed today.

When I started I felt it was very descriptive. It's about an english lecturer Krishnan and his experiences. He and his lovely wife and their small kid. I liked the personal space the couples had. After he lost his wife how the life changed for him and after he met his daughter's headmaster how he realized the mere existence. The head master enjoys the kid's company and how he indulges in their world. Kids are always so special and they have all wonderful things in their world. They are so powerful. How the very smile of theirs transforms our mood and how we get delighted. It's a divine experience. Finally Krishnan quits his job and joins the kid's school to live the life. He does what he wants to do not for the sake of doing.

I liked this concept. It was a good read.

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