Thursday, October 30, 2008

New mom's feelings.

I'm blessed with a baby girl and she is 6 months old now. Every little thing she does is so cute.

When she wakes up, she makes that little noise and she shakes her cradle mildly to show me that she is awake. When I peep inside the cradle, she just looks up to me and smiles...:) hey that tiny teeth shows up and with her golden hair on her forehead, she just looks like a little angel.

Thank god for such a lively, lovely, wonderful gift. Words are not just enough to explain the genuine feel.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting addicted?

Now-a-days, I spend lots of time in blogging. Getting to know some new people, all together strangers in deed, reading their thoughts (the most powerful thing one has), getting to know their inner feeling. And to find them with same interests. Wow! what a great feeling. When I read them, my fingers immediately budge to leave them a word or two. But then, let me reserve the urge for some more time. Finding a new friend, winning a true loving soul would be the great thing you can ever get. But I should not let this blogging eat my time. After all, I have HUGE things to do.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali - is it a celebration/irritation?

It's diwali. Everyone around here are celebrating and in the festive mood. But I'm all the more concerned about the pollution they create by burning the crackers. What kind of a celebration is it? They go on with the crackers till 10:00 PM. Don't they have any common sense? How disturbing it is for the infants, elderly people and the patients who needs some rest? It looks like noone has the social reponsibility. I'm not sure if I can put down everything what I feel.

Should government be doing something? Atleast they can control it to some extent. They can stop them from burning crackers after 8:00 PM. Unless it is imposed on them, they don't stop it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

'The English Teacher' by R.K. NARAYAN.

I got some books from my friend Suma. I was hardly finding time to sit and read at one stretch now. After all, things have changed after I delivered my little one who is six months old now ( proud mother :-)). I read little every day. Sat through last evening and completed today.

When I started I felt it was very descriptive. It's about an english lecturer Krishnan and his experiences. He and his lovely wife and their small kid. I liked the personal space the couples had. After he lost his wife how the life changed for him and after he met his daughter's headmaster how he realized the mere existence. The head master enjoys the kid's company and how he indulges in their world. Kids are always so special and they have all wonderful things in their world. They are so powerful. How the very smile of theirs transforms our mood and how we get delighted. It's a divine experience. Finally Krishnan quits his job and joins the kid's school to live the life. He does what he wants to do not for the sake of doing.

I liked this concept. It was a good read.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be conscious...

I want to be cautious/conscious in reducing my plastic bags usage. Whenever I go out to pick something, be it groceries, snacks etc., I have to take my cloth bag along. But then I keep forgetting... I've to remember very often and then it will become a practice.

I'm inspired by my friend as she always keeps one in her handbag. It reduces significant amount of plastic bags consumption. Why not try this when it's very much possible. Get a cloth bag today and you can use it for a longer time. Again, try not to use paper bags as it cuts down the count of live trees.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Start!!

I was just looking for some place to put down my thoughts, feelings etc., Found/created one. From now on, I can share my thoughts.