Sunday, January 18, 2009

Granma and I have a 'Secret Garden'

Of late I developed more liking for trees and plants. So I'm all for growing plants and trees at home now. Last time when I came to native there was one custard apple plant coming out near curry plant. I told my mom not to cut that. But then this time when i came here it was already cut. When I ask my mom, she says it's not good for the family if we grow that near the house. I don't have any belief in that. Started getting angry. My only hope now is my grandma. I love my grandma though at times she tests our patience to the core...She is 80 + now but then she is always active. She walks few miles and goes to our farm everyday. She'll not listen to anyone but for me. If I tell her to take care of my plant she will not let anyone cut at least they'll have that fear.

There is one more small one coming out now. I told her to take care of that one and one more plant. She has hidden that 2 plants now by covering with some bamboo basket. Today when I removed that and saw the's been watered and very fresh...I don't know how long can she protect that but then we have a 'SECRET GARDEN'. This feel is lovely and I'll cherish that forever.

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