Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting addicted?

Now-a-days, I spend lots of time in blogging. Getting to know some new people, all together strangers in deed, reading their thoughts (the most powerful thing one has), getting to know their inner feeling. And to find them with same interests. Wow! what a great feeling. When I read them, my fingers immediately budge to leave them a word or two. But then, let me reserve the urge for some more time. Finding a new friend, winning a true loving soul would be the great thing you can ever get. But I should not let this blogging eat my time. After all, I have HUGE things to do.

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Li. said...

believe me... almost every blog I have read have had these two posts.. one about "solitary/loneliness" and another about blog addiction.. Afterall we are cyber generation.. both the above are bound to rise.. loneliness esp.. Keep writing..